Secure Video Conferencing Solutions


Fail-safe, automated, secure video conferencing switching systems

Ultra Electronics Criticom's Integrated Secure Encryption Console or ISEC™ was purpose built  to address the specific requirements from the U.S. Department of Defense for fail-safe, non-secure/secure video conference switching. Civilian government and commercial businesses can also leverage ISEC™ to switch video conferencing systems within internal networks or between internal and external networks, ensuring security of private video conversations when required.

We make secure video conferencing easy.

By simply throwing a fail-safe, toggle switch on the ISEC™ console (shown below), ISEC™ initiates  Periods Processing, a DoD-approved software process, completely automates all manual steps and associated configuration purging and restoration requirements to securely and virtually switch teleconferencing codecs between multiple ISDN and IP networks with different security classifications or uses.

Secure Video - No Waiting

Need to have a secure video conference now? Forget waiting for your staff to manually reconfigure and reload your video conferencing systems by hand. The entire ISEC Periods Process takes just 3 minutes to complete!

Flexible Solutions

ISEC™ is at the heart of every one of our secure video conferencing solutions. As an add-on to a video conference room system, rack-mount system, complete roll-about console system, ruggedized package or desktop, ISEC™ systems assure the security of your video conference.

Approvals and Certifications:

Criticom's ISEC™ systems were the first to be listed on DISA's Joint Interoperability Test Command's (JITC) Approved Products List (APL) and are currently are listed on the U.S. Department of Defense Red/Black List.


ISEC™ for Military

ISEC™ for Intelligence Community

ISEC™ for Civilian Government and Enterprise Business

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